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The series begins with an outbreak of an infection that causes patients to go into a coma (Lyssa Virus). Unfortunately, the next step is for prions to infect the brain, bring the victims out of a coma, and turn them into furious attackers who only want to spread the infection and feed on humans.[]

Just as a group forms, the US President unleashes bombs that destroy all major cities. The group unites, trains under the leadership of George and Len, and begins rescuing people and fighting the monsters that roam, both human and inhuman. The reader will find that zombies (or Reds) are simply not the most evil or vicious of all killers and that old hatreds and violence remain.[]

As the US militia tries to begin a new life at a compound, there is another faction (Reconstruction Army), led by a crazed man and a child with evil intentions, set to try to take over. Luckily, the US militia has a helpful force of its own to help, and after many battles and events, the armies clash.[]

Survivors find that the US government did experiments as well, and the results were hybrids that were part zombies who wished to become the dominant species.[]

The vehicle of the series may be zombies and nuclear war, but the theme is much more. Prejudice, man's inhumanity to man, violence, medical research, religion, euthanasia, dignity, and individual rights are examined. In addition, mental health is taken to extreme levels of evaluation. The usefulness of the elderly, suicide, maternal love, child abuse, loyalty, and socialism are major points hidden within the books. Every major issue for humans is questioned and requestioned, so most lines are blurred and shaded to grey.[]

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